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Keep Your Home Free of Bacteria

Count on us for deep cleaning services in Mead, & Lincoln, NE

When you want to thoroughly disinfect your home in the Mead, & Lincoln, NE area, make sure you choose a deep cleaning service that will pay attention to every detail. The owner of Maid of Magic LLC can eliminate every trace of contaminants from your home and won't stop until the job is done. From sanitizing the insides of appliances to wiping down light switches, we can do it all within a two-to-three-hour timeframe.

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We've got every corner of your home covered

Our owner will sanitize your entire house while paying special attention to dirt-prone spaces. For example, we can provide a:

  • Bathroom deep clean - We'll sanitize every surface so you won't have to worry about lingering bacteria.
  • Kitchen deep clean - We'll clean out appliances and disinfect your cooking and eating surfaces.
  • Bedroom deep clean - We'll make sure you can sleep soundly in a clean room free of contaminants.

To learn more about our bedroom, kitchen and bathroom deep clean processes, call 402-607-2091 now.